Expenses so far

Our expenses is a bit more because hubby had to study and I included that too.

 This is what we have spent up to now:

Passport photos for all applications: R300

Unabridged birth certificates 4 x R75 = R300

Unabridged marriage: R75Passport for kids 2 x R400 = R800

Ewrb docs posted: R270

Posted again R480

Ewrb registration R3330

Medicals for 4 people R5290

Visas 4 people R6905

Total: R17 675

 Hubby’s trade certificate: Courses and tests: R12 816

 So our total this far is: R30 491

 Then we estimate on what is coming….full container @ R58 000, flights R45 000. This is where the big bucks comes in. We chose to take a full container because the rand is so weak at the moment we might struggle to re-buy our whole house that side with what we will get for it selling it second hand here. And it will be nice to have our stuff there!


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