Final decision made

Lets start at the beginning.  I was the one that have always wanted to get out of the city. Im not a city girl but our roots were securely grounded as hubby had a good job for the past 10 years, I had a good job, we have our house and our two boys (2 and 4 years old) are in school and happy! BUT we have been trying to find a way to get out of the big bad city for many years. Trying to find a job for hubby was the most important as I could do ‘admin work’ anywhere.

Well finding work for him was….impossible. We tried to find work throughout the whole of SA and he couldn’t even get an interview. Which was very sad for us.  This year we made a decision that I would quit my job and continue with my small business, Fairy Heads Knits, working in Pretoria CBD was just not an option anymore, the crime is just out of hand. I was very scared of this, quitting my job and losing my salary was very scary.

Hubby and I discussed the option of immigrating and we said it would either be Australia or New Zealand. We decided to ‘look into’ going to NZ. So I started searching the net. Google was my best friend. I found a forum, SAgoingtoNZ and spent days on end searching and reading through this forum. The more I read about NZ the more excited (and a bit scared) I got.  Hubby also started reading and he was very impressed about how safe and clean NZ was. How much they look after their kids, how great the education and medical systems were. He was not so impressed when he read how expensive it was there LOL 

So the decision was made, in February of 2013, we are immigrating to New Zealand!

And our reasons? Hubby and I have our own reasons but mostly it is for our kids. We feel that they will have a better future and better quality of life in NZ.


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