Finding work

So mamma sprung to action and searched for welding companies in NZ. Found 5 and sent hubbys cv to all of them. And two people responded immediately. We were so shocked.  One person asked hubby when he can be in New Zealand for an interview – that means going over cowboy and you know how we feel about that now!  The second person……emailed back and said “we are interested to take things further.” SAY WHAT????? OMW We were ecstatic at that moment, but not sure, should we jump for joy, or stay calm or what.

We were just so overwhelmed to receive 2 responses in one day after searching for years for work for hubby in SA, could this be fate? 

This all happened in March 2013. We immediately tried to get everything on paper. There were about 5 interviews between the owner of the company and hubby via skype, one with another manager of the company and at last by beginning of May they sent him the offer.

April was a very long month, had to stay up late at night to do the interviews and then we were so excited that we didn’t sleep at all. This happened quite a few nights 🙂 

Now we had to get all the paperwork in order……and we didn’t think that hubby not having a qualification will be a problem, cause he now has a job offer right! Mmmm wrong….


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