Getting registered

We now had to get all the documentation ready to send in the application for registration at the electrical board.

Copies of ID & passport, copies of all certificates and qualifications, application form, letter from the new employer to say that he will be supervising hubby, all signed by a Commissioner of Oaths . NZ does not accept signed by our police departments so we had to do it by an attorney.  We posted the documents to Wellington where the EWRB head office are. And our lovely post office’s courier company lost the envelope. After about 2 weeks of trying to find the envelope we decided to do all over again and repost it via a more reliable courier company. Cost us R480 the second time and guess what happened, both envelopes arrive same day at the EWRB office, only in SA? No – just our luck! 

The envelopes arrived there on 5 August, on hubby’s birthday! They notified us that they received it and took the fee off our credit card. We were told it would take 6-8 weeks. So we were chilled, stressed about the thought that they might still not approve it but chilled!  Two weeks later I decide to make a follow up email to make sure all is okay and they don’t need anything from us and they let hubby know that the registration was accepted and issued already on the 9th of August. Wow it took 5 days. We were so so happy. Got the letter just the day after that through the post.

So now we can move forward, this was very important for the visa application, without it we couldn’t apply at all.


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