Hello friends

Hello world, and welcome to my blog!  This is my first post, should have been my first post SIX MONTHS ago already….but rather late than never right?!  Im going to try and catch up how things happened in a few posts and then Ill update my blog from now as things progress. 


We are a family of 4, Hubby 33, me 32 and our two gorgeous little boys 2 and 4.

The reason for this blog…..this is a personal blog, about my, and my family’s experience on immigrating to New Zealand. How things happened for us, how we felt at the time things happened, what we went through. And also to put my thoughts down to help with the emotional part of this process. Its always better to talk about it right ??! 

I will be sharing financial info here and info regarding immigration, it might just help someone that is thinking of making the move!  I would also like to keep my family and friends informed what is happening with us, how we are finding the process, our new life in NZ and to share pics and happenings once we are there.  So that’s what you can expect on my blog and I hope you enjoy it! 


(FIY: im an Afrikaans mamma so for all future posts, please excuse the spelling and all that goes with that 😉 )




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