After receiving the registration we could at last start with the actual application for the visa process. 

We immediately made an appointment at the doctors, there is a selected panel of doctors that may do the medicals. NZ is quite strict regarding health so the medicals was quite intense. The GP inspects you from head to toe to make sure you are healthy. Checks your backbone, shoulders, height weight and an eye test. Then its off to the blood bank to draw blood. They took quite a lot of blood lol but there are a lot of tests to be done. Then a chest xray to check for TB.  This all took about 2 hours. The kids only had to go through the GP appointment and he was finished them so fast. And to see them jiggle around when the doctor touches their stomach was very funny, they are very ticklish! 

And 5 days later we got a call we can collect the results and we were all in perfect condition!!! It shows you, it pays to be healthy 🙂


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