Paperwork and qualifications

We had to apply for:

Unabridged birth certificates for all 4 of us

Unabridged marriage certificate

Passports for the kids, ours are still fine

Police clearance for hubby and me. 

The unabridged birth certificates, specially the kids, took the longest. And it was quite frustrating to work with our government officials. 

Once we started getting everything in place we realised that in order for hubby to apply for a work visa as an Electrician (which is on the LTSSL Long term skills shortage list) he has to be at least registered at the EWRB (Electrical Workers Registration Board). In NZ you may not even change a plug if you do not have a licence that was issued by the EWRB. In order to get registration you have to send your work experience and qualifications to the EWRB, they access you and decide if your experience and qualifications is enough for you to become registered with them. Once you do get registration you have to do a few other courses there and then get a licence.  BUT in order to get registered…you have to have at least a Trade Certificate (Red Seal). Which hubby didn’t have. So again we were very down and had to make a decision what we would do. The only option was to……. get a Trade Certificate.

Hubby enrolled in a 6 week evening training course, his experience was enough for him to be able to do the trade test under Section 28. This was hard, on him. He worked hard during the day, then drove to Jhb for evening classes and got home after 10 every single night. He also went on Saturdays. It was rough. End of June he did a two week full time course at the place that was going to test him. Early July he did his test and passed 3 out of the 5 tests. The other two he could do over again but had to do more training. Another week full time and he passed his Trade Test on 31 July 2013!!! Omw we were so so excited as everything was depending on that test.

Im so so proud of my hubby. Thanks my love, without your hard work and dedication it would not have happened. We love you velly velly much!


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