Visa application

So our visa application are in…since the 28th of August. Today is day 3 LOL still a while to wait to hear the outcome. They said 2-3 weeks!

To apply for the visa we had to submit:

An application for everyone (Work visa for hubby, Open work visa for me, Study visa for our 4 year old and visitors visa for our 2 years old)

Form completed by Employer

Job offer and contract

Proof of electrical registration

Proof that hubby and I was in a stable relationship (photos, accounts, letters from friends, flight tickets of our holidays, etc etc etc)

All unabridged certificates.

Original passports

And more, there are quite a lot of things to be submitted with the applications!

I submitted all this at the INZ (Immigration New Zealand) in New Muckleneuk Pretoria. The guy that assisted me was very nice and helpful. Luckily I had everything there. Took the payment from our credit card, and now we can just wait.


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