What is EOI?

Just a small insert about EOI and points for immigrating. 

EOI = Expression of Interest 

There are two steps to applying for a resident visa under the Skilled Migrant Category:

1.        You complete the Expression of Interest (EOI) form, online or on paper, and tell us about yourself, your family, your skills, and your experience.  You do not provide evidence at this point.

2.        We accept your EOI and send you an invitation to apply. You will have to send us documents to prove you meet the requirements at this stage.

3.        As you complete your EOI you will claim points. If your EOI has a score of 100 points or more, it goes into the pool of EOIs.

4.        Every two weeks we automatically select EOIs with a points score of 140 or over from the pool. Then we select EOIs with a points score of between 100 and 139 which include points for a skilled job or job offer. If we still have spaces available, we use additional criteria to select lower-scoring EOIs.


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