Would we not be able to go ?

With our hearts set on NZ we had to see how we would be able to do this. NZ is really strict and there are a million things you have to tick before they would let you in! 

Firstly I discovered that even though hubby has 12years experience it really doesn’t mean anything without a good qualification. He is a manager in a welding equipment workshop and has experience in repairing of welding machine and other machines. You can read my first post on the forum here. I couldn’t believe that we would not be able to go just because of hubby not having that important piece of paper – diploma or formal qualification. He had a few certificates but they didn’t count for anything. 

We were quite sad at this point cause we read online that it is VERY hard to land a job from SA as employers want to see you there in person before they will even consider you. That was NOT an option as hubby would never quite his job and go over cowboy style. We are just too scared of losing everything. 

So there were 2 ways of going:

1: go over cowboy style and find a job.

2: find a job from here 

Well nr 1 was out of the question, and nr 2 was apparently impossible. So what can we do. We don’t have enough points to submit an EOI, if hubby does not find a job from here we wont have enough points to submit an EOI OR apply for a work visa.  Hubby at this point said, lets just try and see what happens if I apply for jobs. Or just see if there are any jobs available for me to apply for.

The search for a job and taking a big chance started.


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