Stress stress and more stress!

Yesterday hubby got an email from our case officer at INZ. They want a letter from his doctor that is treating him as they see he has hypertension…..

A few weeks back hubby went to the doctor and they noticed he has high blood pressure, put him on Ziak and his BP came down really well. But the immigration doctor had to declare that he is on chronic meds of course and NZ being so strict with their medicals now want to make sure that hubby wont be a burden on the NZ medical system.

 But luckily his blood pressure is under control, he got a letter from his doc today, lets hope that that will suffice.

 Since starting this process I have learned that: I cannot handle stress. I thought I could, but I cant 🙂 My and hubby’s relationship was tested big time throughout all this. luckily we are still standing strong and it looks like we might just make it out alive, and together!

Ive made new friends during this process that was also busy immigrating and they could relate how I feel and support me, and I could support them. Which was so awesome. We have not (even up to now) told a lot of people, just close friends and work friends but the ones that do know were so supportive throughout this whole process (my Jan 09 friends rocks!) We also only had the chance to tell our best friends this weekend, it was very difficult because we will miss them dearly.


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