Booking our flights

Tims new boss said he will pay for our flight tickets, which is pretty awesome! We will save soooo much. Now to get the flights booked is quite a struggle.

He wants to book them from there and pay directly but wants to make sure we are happy with the flight, time, date, seating etc, so its quite a back and forth. And the 10hour difference makes it even harder.

When we wake up in the morning at around 6:30 they are just about to close shop and its hard to really communicate and get things done that time as its just a crazy run around in the mornings with the kids J

At night we have to be up till 10 for them to open shop again! And again that’s difficult as then we want to sleep man 😉

Today I emailed him the flight number, time, date etc and hopefully he can tonight (their tomorrow lol) book the flights so that we can feel a bit relieved that another box is ticked!

Looking at 9 November 2013…….then we will still be here for our little Ruben’s 3rd birthday and celebrate that with family. And we will be flying with Qantas, quite exciting, the airline looks really really nice!

 We will depart Jhb international airport at 17:50 and go straight to Sydney Australia (eish reminds me still have to apply for visas for Australia…) and land there at 14:45 the Sunday. Off again from Sydney at 18:35 to Auckland NZ and landing there at 23:40.

 The boys are SUPER excited about flying in a beeeeeg plain!

: The visa for Australia is only a transit visa, there is no charges to get it – more info here


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