Gonna miss ouma!

Last night I had another talk with Henko. He is 4 and understands we are going to move to New Zealand, but I really dont think he understands how far it really is. If we talk about it he will say, once we are in NZ we will go to the farm and Kruger National Park and Willie and Manda can go with (his nephew and niece).

So I told him again, remember we wont see ouma for a long while, we will only be able to skype and phone her. Suddenly I see him getting very sad and of course this mommy heart just feels as if its breaking 😦 He said, mommy if we go to NZ we may not cry and ouma may not cry. I think he overheard ouma saying a while back that she doesnt want to cry at the airport as she doesnt want the kids to remember her that way….ag what are the chances of anyone NOT crying, I feel like crying now 🙂

I feel terrible that my kids wont see their granny that much, my gran was such a special part of my life and I still miss her today. The fact that my mom is supportive of our decision makes it a tiny bit better.  


2 thoughts on “Gonna miss ouma!

  1. It was sad seeing you all leaving my house today can’t imagine the day of the flights 😦 this is so sad but so exciting, I think the kids will miss each other more than we will realize. LOVE YOU ALL MWAAAAH.

  2. Shame its gonna take them a while to really get used to the idea! But in the mean time you’ll have to start saving for visits to and from! Sure they’ll enjoy it once they are there!

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