Progressing, slowly but surely

This weekend was our first weekend at home without having a show at our house to find a buyer, or people walking through the house the whole weekend, it was really nice. We just chillaxed the whole weekend! Sorted out some stuff that we want to sell and clothes that has to go for charity.

Also Tims new boss let us know that he will be temporarily moving into his holiday house in Raglan (their closest beach) and we can stay in their house untill we are on our feet…. how cool is that? He is already a great new boss 😉

 They are such awesome people to let complete strangers just move into their house and stay there! He also arranged a van for hubby to use until he gets a car and a bakkie for us as a family if we want to do something.

So we were looking at areas and he told Tim yesterday dont worry about areas etc now, just come and stay for a while and get used to your surroundings and let the ladies do the petty stuff LOL His wife will be helping me finding a school for the kids and a home!

Again…we are so blessed.


Map showing Lake Rotoroa

Overlooking Lake Rotoroa (Hamilton Lake), think we will spend a lot of time here with the kids.

I must say, quite nervous about having 2 young boys in the new boss’ house 🙂 They have a lovely home.


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