Last few days at work

I have 5 days left at work, cannot believe it! 

On Tuesday my colleague handed me an invite, to a farewell, my heart actually dropped and I had to swallow hard on the tears (already?). For 8 years I shared an office with Marina and we got along so great, we had a good working relationship and a good friendship too, we shared so many secrets, gave advice and supported each other, I will miss her very much xoxo.

I made a lot of good friends while I worked here and will miss every single one of them. Luckily we can still comunicate via FB, email and skype! Working for the company was great, and our HOD was just awesome. When I started working here I was a young unmarried party girl and now…. Im married and a mom of 2, literally grew up here 😉

There were just a few resignations for a very long time, and unfortunately for my HOD 3 ladies in his department resigned this month. Terrible for him hey. One of the ladies leaving is also immigrating but not to the same country as us.

Thank you Marina, Cherne and all the other ladies at the Members Affairs Department – LSNP for arranging a farewell for us, you guys rock! Im sure we will have a great lunch together!


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