Flights booked


On Monday we received confirmation that our flights are booked….eeeeeck! I actually struggled to pay them last week and had to ask my husband a few times…are you sure, should I pay ? LOL It just felt so final, on THAT day we WILL be leaving SA, no more, yes we are going in a month or so, now there is a date….. 10 November 2013 – Leaving Jhb at 17:50 to arrive in Auckland NZ at 23:40 (with a stopover at Sydney Australia)

We decided to leave the Qantas Premium seats and take the normal economy, its a saving of close to R20 000 for the new employer, it just didnt feel right to book the expensive ones just to have bigger seats and a better meal. He is already so good for us. The flights were booked through IOM (International Organization for Migration), they somehow get you better prices with much more baggage allowance. Very cool!

Really looking forward to this experience with my family and I hope the flights goes smoothly 😉



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