Wedding weekend in Vaalharts!

We were so lucky to still be in SA for my Brother in Laws wedding this past Saturday. And what made it more special was to spend time with Tims family in my old home town, Magogong, and the region were we both grew up, Vaalharts.

The wedding was absolutely gorgeous, and don’t think BIG decorations, massive amounts of flowers, candles and crystal, nope this wedding was a proud South African wedding. The ceremony was under a big thorn tree, we sat on straw bales and there was a big wooden cross in the middle of the veldt where the couple said their vows. We were surrounded by trees and didn’t walk on red carpets but red soil. This ceremony was so perfect for this couple that have a big love for the outdoors, veldt and camping!

After the ceremony we went to another bushveld setting where a big round tent was set up. There were bon fires and meat on the spit with pumpkin fritters, yum. The tent inside looked stunning and there was a big square cement where we could dance.

Seeing the stars so bright again in Magogong, the gorgeous green fields of wheat and the popular Pecan Nut trees planted in rows everywhere brought back so many great childhood memories. Memories of my late dad, driving by our house and stopping at the café that my mom owned for 20 years, it was all so dear to me and I will cherish these memories forever. And we even got time to take our kids to go swim in the channels, we used to call it “Kanaal ry” ! and that was the best fun we had as kids. Oh AND seeing the bride’s family again after more than 16 years was so awesome. I remember those faces as if it was yesterday, and I was but in primary school when I last saw them. They are just the best, so friendly and know how to party!

Well the saying goes, if you drank of Hartswaters water once…your hooked, and its so true. I didn’t realise how much I missed the ‘platteland’ until this weekend. I am SO glad we could go there and say ‘goodbye’. I even got to spend some time at my father’s grave, but luckily I know he will be by my side every step of this journey.

To my wonderful brother- and sister in law…..thank you so much for an unforgettable weekend. Mrs A, your family is awesome and thank you for being such good hosts. You looked gorgeous on Saturday and our blessings over your marriage! Will miss you guys and specially the little ones a lot!

The weekend ended Sunday morning on a sad note, we had to say good bye to my inlaws. Man we cried, and hugged and cried and hugged, just couldn’t stop. I didn’t realise its going to be so hard 😦  Going to miss them a lot!

I didnt even take photos with my camera, stupid me, got a few on my phone so not best quality



The gorgeous flower girls and my boys :)!
This pic was taken in front of my moms old cafe, we were just so lucky to find a donkey car in front of it!


3 thoughts on “Wedding weekend in Vaalharts!

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this experience with us Gerné.

    I have very good memories of our childhood visits to Magogong 🙂 some favourites were:
    – arriving at Oupa and Ouma’s bad seeing if there were any new kittens / puppies
    – the night sky (stars from horizon to horizon)
    -cousins 🙂
    – gemmerkoekies
    – the little garden furniture for us kids
    -seeing what rooms Oupa has added on

    Lots of love x

  2. Playing in oupas sheds was the best for me! Trying to create something out of leather the same as oupa did!
    And playing in the milking section, we used to put the cow shackles around our legs the we had to graze in the field! Hehe best times ever!
    And yes…the cousins, we had such great times together!

  3. This is indeed a rich story you wrote here Gerne!

    I had so many tears in my eyes reading your story, bringing back so many memories.

    Who will ever forget Salobe Cafe, we had so much fun in that place!

    I must confess that I always got the freshest gemmer koekies and I could eat as many as I want where the other cousins were only given a few! 🙂

    Growing up on the oupa and ouma’s farm was endless fun and pleasure. There are so many stories to tell and so many things I miss. One of my favourite things was to wait with ouma till late at night for the “children” (uncles&aunts) to arrive for the holidays and have coffee before going to bed!

    Thank you Gerne for rwminding me of all these good memories!!!


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