Cleaning thoroughly!

Yesterday and today we tackled everything that had to be clean, and not just clean veeeeeery clean! There may not be a speck of dust or gras or anything that may “harm” NZ’s environment.

So we set up the tent, vacuumed and washed it inside. The outside and then we put it on the jungle gym to wash underneath it. Tomorrow we have to take it down and fold it up without getting anything on it. Washed the camp chairs, fishing rods, all the tools, the carpet, bikes and other small items. Phew what a mission.

Also started packing our clothes and I’m not sure if we even have 46kgs pp of clothes to take with, my bag is half and not even 7kgs yet :). Will see how that turns out. We bought 2 Mashangani bags for each person and I laughed today as I told my mom “I don’t even want to know how people are going to stare at us with 8 of these boesman bags coming through the airport” lol

Looking forward to this week to get the packing started.


2 thoughts on “Cleaning thoroughly!

  1. I think this all is hard work but you probably enjoy every second, as you know what’s coming up, I am so excited for you all, can’t believe it’s 4weeks then you leave, but fr now we excited for the Farewell party……;)

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