A very unusual quiet week

The weekend we quickly worked in a last visit in Middelburg where my brother in law lives. Had a great weekend and the cousins all played till they dropped in their beds. I really feel sad for taking them apart but we will see them again.

This week has been strangely quiet. Feels so weird to after so many months of planning and running around like a crazy person not to have anything to do. We still live in our house, or actually we live in our spare room with a double bed and mattress for the kids. There is nothing else. At night we lay and listen radio and read until its late enough to sleep LOL. You can see the kids are a bit out of their routine and Im sure it will be a while before they really get back into a routine.

Now we are between my moms house to eat etc but still have to be in our house to just keep an eye on things till the buyers can move in.

And this weekend we having a small party for our boy that turns 3 early November and its our farewell party that my sister is organizing for us. Really looking forward to that. There will be lots of family and friends and I hope we can spend some quality time with them.

This week Im feeling….scared. Im sure its normal (I hope its normal 😉 ) but not having so much to arrange has me for the first time this whole year worrying about things. I don’t want to worry about our future but I guess its normal as we do not know what the future holds for us, we will just keep praying that the future has some GREAT things in store for us!

A lot of people ask us….will you be happy in NZ??? I cant answer that question now, all I can say is “ I really hope we are”! Lets answer that question next year this time ok 🙂 !


1 thought on “A very unusual quiet week

  1. I am sure u will enjoy it…we will miss you all alot specially Ruben wanting ‘PATRICK’ and ‘MANDA’ all the time… ag we will see you soon anyway 😉 LOVE YOU PLENTY SIS…..

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