Packing the container

Last week was quite hectic, I am so so glad its over.

Got quotes for our container from 7 different companies and the prices ranged from R53 000 to R70 000. Yikes, didn’t budget for that much!

We were very happy with the “feel” we got from one company and that was Bayley Worldwide. Brenda Bayley herself came to our house and she has so much knowledge with traveling overseas and shipping your furniture. She came in and immediately started talking about us, the emotional side to this move and our kids. She gave me great pointers on how to involve and deal with the kids with this big move and Im very thankful to her for that! And her quote was the last to arrive and I was really hoping her price would be good, and it was the best price of all! Even though we would have used them anyways the price just made it easier 😉

The crew of four came on Wednesday and started packing. I almost freaked a bit when I came into the tv room and our one double seater lazy boy couch was in 4. Yikes. But they assured us they will set it up again there and they know what they are doing! Wednesday and Thursday was rough for me. Putting out everything they have to pack and making sure everything is in was exhausting. On Friday the container came and they loaded everything. It was filled three quarters of the way and to be sent to Durban on Monday to be shipped.

The crew was so friendly, they know what they are doing hey, and they have some serious packing skills! We got in a lot more than we thought and I really look forward having our stuff in NZ. The container will be there middle December if all goes accordingly. Now lets just hope the boat doesn’t sink 🙂

Rubens artwork! 



Henkos artwork 



Mommy’s artwork 🙂 





Container packed and sealed Image


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