A farewell party

My sister organized a farewell party for us and was it a party to remember! On Saturday 26 October we got together with family and friends and enjoyed a great night together.

It was quite overwhelming, having all our dearest with us and trying to spend time with everyone. My mother in law, father in law and brother in law skyped us while we were busy with the speeches, it was so touching as we did not expect that, thanks mom Heleen, dad Sarel and Johann! Then Tim’s boss gave a speech and friends and family said a few words and they were all so precious. My sister prepared a slideshow which she showed on a projector and big screen. Seeing all the pics, from our young days dating, my bachelorette party, Tim’s rum party and then ALL the party pics with friends and family put a big smile on my face. Most of the people at the party were in those pics of years ago. Also family photos of us 4, the first pic of when we became a family of 3 and then the first pic of us being a family of 4, priceless.

Then a sudden message at the end….Remember there are people looking down on you that love you very much….a pic of my late brother and his wife, a pic of my late dad and of my grandma and grandpa that has passed too. At that point the smile faded and the tears took up its place. I couldn’t control myself as I did not expect that but it was so special I will never forget it…..

I gave a quick (quite emotional) speech and hubby too. And then the party continued till late that night.

In the place of gifts to us we asked for a donation for a children’s home in White River and got a lot of awesome things and cash contributions.  Got to buy over R1000 worth of groceries for them and all the gifts we got them too. Thank you so much to every single person that gave something, it is appreciated by us and even more by the home!

My sister prepared long and hard for this night and all I can say is, it was a huge success. Thank you so much Annika, you are my baby sister and the love you give to us every single day is appreciated. {Jy trap diep spore in mense se harte}!

To every single person that was there that night, THANK YOU. You are all so special to us, all the kind words and wishes was so much appreciated. We just realize how blessed we are everyday, and with friends like you…truly blessed.


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