And we are here! 🙂

The flight was a lot easier than I thought. packed so much toys for the kids that they didnt even touch. We took off at 18:00 on the 10th from OR Tambo, at around 8 we got a nice meal and the kids enjoyed their kiddies meals a lot. They got a bag with books and crayons from Qantas which was nice. At around 22:00 we made bed for them between us, the seats wasnt very wide so we checked on them the whole night that one doesnt fall off.

We each got a snack pack for the night, it was a bag filled with choccies, chips and a water bottle. The boys slept through the night not even waking once. We tried to sleep too but it wasnt that easy for us.

Around 22:00 they asked everyone to close the window shutters as the sun will rise in a few hours. So when everyone started waking the next morning they put on the lighs and served breakfast…and it was already 2 oclock in the afternoon in Australia. Very weird. We had our brekkie and landed around 2:30. In the airport we went and sat at the gate were we had to board again in about 4 hours when we heard our names being called over the intercom, Tim flipped out of course and we started running around like crazy people. Eventually found the counter where we had to be and she just explained that we had to get our new tickets for the Air New Zealand flight 🙂 so everything was fine. Exchanged some money for Aus $ and for R300 we got just over $20, went to a coffe shop and got 2 coffees and 2 kiddy shakes and we had a few cents left, that was so hard for me!

Flight to Nz was good, arrived in NZ around midnight. The airport was very busy that time of the night. A new friend came to pick us up, we were so excited walking out of the airport into our new country! I wont forget that feeling ever! 20131110_203555


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