First day

Our first night was a quick one! But we had a good 5 hours sleep. 

We took a walk down to the lake the next morning at Wattle Downs in Auckland to take a family pic (thanks Daniel!). I was just blown away by how gorgeous the area was, the houses were mostly raised but all had these gorgeous neat lawns that was next too each other. Most were just seperated by a picked fence and the lawns go all the way to the street. How I would not mind living there!

Daniel took us to Hamilton, I just couldnt believe the beauty just out of Auckland, you drive just 5 minutes out of the city and there it is, mases of green fields, beautiful hills, sheep and cow and horses everywhere. It is so clean, green and breathtaking. I havent seen much of Auckland but cant wait to spend a weekend there.

My head was spinning, it felt as if I want to ask him to drive slower as im missing things 🙂 we got to Hamilton and I just kept staring out of the window. I was not in love straight away but we arrived in the industrial area which isnt pretty anywhere in the world. From there we drove to Tims new boss’ home and that I think is just the best part of this town, one minute you drive between shops and buildings and you turn a corner and you are next to either a big park, a lake or a river and it just takes your breath away again.

I have still a lot to learn about Hamilton and it will take a while I know but im excited about this town and its people!

[struggling to load pics, will update on that soon!]


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