About us

Hi there!

I am momma bear and I am 32 years old! Daddy bear is 33 and our two cute little baby bears is 4 and 2. Okay not babies anymore, but they will stay a mommy’s babies forever right!

We live in Pretoria but both of us are from the Northern Cape where we went to school together in Jan Kempdorp.

Our interests:
Mommy loves to crochet and being creative
Daddy loves his sport
The two boys are gun lovers (just the plastic ones!), car lovers, jungle gym crazy, rugby and swim enthusiasts and think they are both Lions 🙂

As a family we love watching sport, riding our bicycles with the kids, swimming, building legos and just being together as a family.


1 thought on “About us

  1. Hi 4 Bears 🙂
    Came across your Blog, great work and effort and would be very helpful to the next family moving over to NZ.
    We have been through the process 5 years ago and we have settled in , all good.
    Reason for reaching out is to find out if you have already considered the Financial and Risk products and options in NZ .
    I am part of an established national group with offices countrywide and it would be a pleasure to assist
    All the best with your move, flights and arrival her in NZ.
    Cordially Yours
    Louis Botes
    +64 2 472 471

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