First day

Our first night was a quick one! But we had a good 5 hours sleep. 

We took a walk down to the lake the next morning at Wattle Downs in Auckland to take a family pic (thanks Daniel!). I was just blown away by how gorgeous the area was, the houses were mostly raised but all had these gorgeous neat lawns that was next too each other. Most were just seperated by a picked fence and the lawns go all the way to the street. How I would not mind living there!

Daniel took us to Hamilton, I just couldnt believe the beauty just out of Auckland, you drive just 5 minutes out of the city and there it is, mases of green fields, beautiful hills, sheep and cow and horses everywhere. It is so clean, green and breathtaking. I havent seen much of Auckland but cant wait to spend a weekend there.

My head was spinning, it felt as if I want to ask him to drive slower as im missing things 🙂 we got to Hamilton and I just kept staring out of the window. I was not in love straight away but we arrived in the industrial area which isnt pretty anywhere in the world. From there we drove to Tims new boss’ home and that I think is just the best part of this town, one minute you drive between shops and buildings and you turn a corner and you are next to either a big park, a lake or a river and it just takes your breath away again.

I have still a lot to learn about Hamilton and it will take a while I know but im excited about this town and its people!

[struggling to load pics, will update on that soon!]



And we are here! 🙂

The flight was a lot easier than I thought. packed so much toys for the kids that they didnt even touch. We took off at 18:00 on the 10th from OR Tambo, at around 8 we got a nice meal and the kids enjoyed their kiddies meals a lot. They got a bag with books and crayons from Qantas which was nice. At around 22:00 we made bed for them between us, the seats wasnt very wide so we checked on them the whole night that one doesnt fall off.

We each got a snack pack for the night, it was a bag filled with choccies, chips and a water bottle. The boys slept through the night not even waking once. We tried to sleep too but it wasnt that easy for us.

Around 22:00 they asked everyone to close the window shutters as the sun will rise in a few hours. So when everyone started waking the next morning they put on the lighs and served breakfast…and it was already 2 oclock in the afternoon in Australia. Very weird. We had our brekkie and landed around 2:30. In the airport we went and sat at the gate were we had to board again in about 4 hours when we heard our names being called over the intercom, Tim flipped out of course and we started running around like crazy people. Eventually found the counter where we had to be and she just explained that we had to get our new tickets for the Air New Zealand flight 🙂 so everything was fine. Exchanged some money for Aus $ and for R300 we got just over $20, went to a coffe shop and got 2 coffees and 2 kiddy shakes and we had a few cents left, that was so hard for me!

Flight to Nz was good, arrived in NZ around midnight. The airport was very busy that time of the night. A new friend came to pick us up, we were so excited walking out of the airport into our new country! I wont forget that feeling ever! 20131110_203555

And the day has arrived!!!

Wow cannot believe its actually here! The big day has arrived and we will be leaving on a jet plane soon 🙂 

Feeling a bit nervous but more excited. I think what Im most nervous off is the flight. And that the kids will be ok. But I think they will enjoy it as they see it as a big adventure. 

So cheers again for a last time to sunny South Africa! 

A farewell party

My sister organized a farewell party for us and was it a party to remember! On Saturday 26 October we got together with family and friends and enjoyed a great night together.

It was quite overwhelming, having all our dearest with us and trying to spend time with everyone. My mother in law, father in law and brother in law skyped us while we were busy with the speeches, it was so touching as we did not expect that, thanks mom Heleen, dad Sarel and Johann! Then Tim’s boss gave a speech and friends and family said a few words and they were all so precious. My sister prepared a slideshow which she showed on a projector and big screen. Seeing all the pics, from our young days dating, my bachelorette party, Tim’s rum party and then ALL the party pics with friends and family put a big smile on my face. Most of the people at the party were in those pics of years ago. Also family photos of us 4, the first pic of when we became a family of 3 and then the first pic of us being a family of 4, priceless.

Then a sudden message at the end….Remember there are people looking down on you that love you very much….a pic of my late brother and his wife, a pic of my late dad and of my grandma and grandpa that has passed too. At that point the smile faded and the tears took up its place. I couldn’t control myself as I did not expect that but it was so special I will never forget it…..

I gave a quick (quite emotional) speech and hubby too. And then the party continued till late that night.

In the place of gifts to us we asked for a donation for a children’s home in White River and got a lot of awesome things and cash contributions.  Got to buy over R1000 worth of groceries for them and all the gifts we got them too. Thank you so much to every single person that gave something, it is appreciated by us and even more by the home!

My sister prepared long and hard for this night and all I can say is, it was a huge success. Thank you so much Annika, you are my baby sister and the love you give to us every single day is appreciated. {Jy trap diep spore in mense se harte}!

To every single person that was there that night, THANK YOU. You are all so special to us, all the kind words and wishes was so much appreciated. We just realize how blessed we are everyday, and with friends like you…truly blessed.

A very unusual quiet week

The weekend we quickly worked in a last visit in Middelburg where my brother in law lives. Had a great weekend and the cousins all played till they dropped in their beds. I really feel sad for taking them apart but we will see them again.

This week has been strangely quiet. Feels so weird to after so many months of planning and running around like a crazy person not to have anything to do. We still live in our house, or actually we live in our spare room with a double bed and mattress for the kids. There is nothing else. At night we lay and listen radio and read until its late enough to sleep LOL. You can see the kids are a bit out of their routine and Im sure it will be a while before they really get back into a routine.

Now we are between my moms house to eat etc but still have to be in our house to just keep an eye on things till the buyers can move in.

And this weekend we having a small party for our boy that turns 3 early November and its our farewell party that my sister is organizing for us. Really looking forward to that. There will be lots of family and friends and I hope we can spend some quality time with them.

This week Im feeling….scared. Im sure its normal (I hope its normal 😉 ) but not having so much to arrange has me for the first time this whole year worrying about things. I don’t want to worry about our future but I guess its normal as we do not know what the future holds for us, we will just keep praying that the future has some GREAT things in store for us!

A lot of people ask us….will you be happy in NZ??? I cant answer that question now, all I can say is “ I really hope we are”! Lets answer that question next year this time ok 🙂 !

Packing the container

Last week was quite hectic, I am so so glad its over.

Got quotes for our container from 7 different companies and the prices ranged from R53 000 to R70 000. Yikes, didn’t budget for that much!

We were very happy with the “feel” we got from one company and that was Bayley Worldwide. Brenda Bayley herself came to our house and she has so much knowledge with traveling overseas and shipping your furniture. She came in and immediately started talking about us, the emotional side to this move and our kids. She gave me great pointers on how to involve and deal with the kids with this big move and Im very thankful to her for that! And her quote was the last to arrive and I was really hoping her price would be good, and it was the best price of all! Even though we would have used them anyways the price just made it easier 😉

The crew of four came on Wednesday and started packing. I almost freaked a bit when I came into the tv room and our one double seater lazy boy couch was in 4. Yikes. But they assured us they will set it up again there and they know what they are doing! Wednesday and Thursday was rough for me. Putting out everything they have to pack and making sure everything is in was exhausting. On Friday the container came and they loaded everything. It was filled three quarters of the way and to be sent to Durban on Monday to be shipped.

The crew was so friendly, they know what they are doing hey, and they have some serious packing skills! We got in a lot more than we thought and I really look forward having our stuff in NZ. The container will be there middle December if all goes accordingly. Now lets just hope the boat doesn’t sink 🙂

Rubens artwork! 



Henkos artwork 



Mommy’s artwork 🙂 





Container packed and sealed Image

Cleaning thoroughly!

Yesterday and today we tackled everything that had to be clean, and not just clean veeeeeery clean! There may not be a speck of dust or gras or anything that may “harm” NZ’s environment.

So we set up the tent, vacuumed and washed it inside. The outside and then we put it on the jungle gym to wash underneath it. Tomorrow we have to take it down and fold it up without getting anything on it. Washed the camp chairs, fishing rods, all the tools, the carpet, bikes and other small items. Phew what a mission.

Also started packing our clothes and I’m not sure if we even have 46kgs pp of clothes to take with, my bag is half and not even 7kgs yet :). Will see how that turns out. We bought 2 Mashangani bags for each person and I laughed today as I told my mom “I don’t even want to know how people are going to stare at us with 8 of these boesman bags coming through the airport” lol

Looking forward to this week to get the packing started.